All Legislature | Archived Legislation

On this page you will find official consolidations of all Huu-ay-aht Legislation currently in force.  All Acts and Regulations on this page have been consolidated to include all amendments in force up to June 6, 2018. For a record of all amendments made to Huu-ay-aht acts or regulations, please consult the Record of Legislative Amendments.

Budget Act, 2018 (HFNA 1/2018)

Budget Act, 2017(HFNA 2/2017)

Budget Act, 2016 (HFNA 1/2016)

Budget Act, 2015 – Official Consolidation (HFNA 2/2015, as amended by HFNA 1/2016)

Budget Act, 2014 – Official Consolidation (HFNA 1/2014, as amended by HFNA 4/2014, HFNR 3/2014 and HFNA 2/2015)

Budget Act, 2013 – Official Consolidation (HFNA 1/2013, as amended by HFNA 1/2014)

Budget Act, 2012 – Official Consolidation (HFNA 1/2012, as amended by HFNA 1/2014)

Budget Act, 2011 – Official Consolidation (HFNA 8/2011, as amended by HFNA 1/2012)

Citizenship and Treaty Enrolment Act – Official Consolidation (HFNA 2/2011)

Code of Conduct and Conflict of Interest Act – Official Consolidation (HFNA 4/2011, as amended by HFNR 1/2015)

Community Planning and Development Act – Official Consolidation (HFNA 10/2011)

Constitution Act – Official Consolidation (HFNA 1/2011)

Economic Development Act – Official Consolidation (HFNA 2/2013, as amended by HFNR 1/2015)

Effective Date Procedures Act – Official Consolidation (HFNA 15/2011)

Election Act – Official Consolidation (HFNA 6/2011)

Financial Administration Act – Official Consolidation (HFNA 7/2011, as amended by HFNA 2/2013, HFNA 3/2013, HFNA 2/2014, HFNA 1/2015 and HFNA 1/2017)

Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act – Official Consolidation (HFNA 2/2012, as amended by HFNA 1/2015 and HFNA 4/2015 )

Government Act – Official Consolidation (HFNA 3/2011 as amended by HFNA 3/2013, HFNA 3/2014 and HFNA 2/2016)

Interpretation Act – Official Consolidation (HFNA 14/2011 as amended by HFNA 2/2013)

Land Act – Official Consolidation (HFNA 9/2011, as amended by HFNR 1/2015)

Offence and Law Enforcement Act – Official Consolidation (HFNA 12/2011, as amended by HFNA 3/2013 and HFNA 1/2015)

Real Property Tax Act (HFNA 12/2011)

Referendum and Recall Act – Official Consolidation (HFNA 5/2011)

Resource Harvesting Act – Official Consolidation (HFNA 11/2011)

Tribunal Act – Official Consolidation (HFNA 13/2011, as amended by HFNA 2/2018)

Policies and Directives

Tribunal Directive 2011-2: Tribunal Rules of Practice and Procedure

Tribunal Forms

Tribunal Directive 2011-3: Usual Time Periods for Tribunal Matters

Tribunal Directive 2015-1: Filing of Applications to Tribunal 

Policies and Rules


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