This page includes all Huu-ay-aht Acts and Regulations, including those not in force, but does not include official consolidations of Legislation.  As such, it may be useful for research purposes or to determine what legislation was in force at a particular point in time.  However, if you are looking for currently in force laws it is recommended that you consult the Current Legislation page.

For a record of all amendments made to Huu-ay-aht acts or regulations, please consult the Legislative Amendments Chart.



Budget Act, 2018 (HFNA 1/2018)

Tribunal Act Amendment Act (HFNA 2/2018)


Financial Administration Act Amendment Act, 2017 (HFNA 1/2017)

Budget Act, 2017 (HFNA 2/2017)


Budget Act, 2016 (HFNA 1/2016)

Government Act Amendment Act, 2016 (HFNA 2/2016)


Enforcement Framework Amendment Act, 2015 (HFNA 1/2015)

Budget Act, 2015 (HFNA 2/2015)

Economic Development Act Amendment Act, 2015 (HFNA 3/2015)

Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act Amendment Act, 2015 (HFNA 4/2015)


Budget Act, 2014 (HFNA 1/2014)

Financial Administration Act Amendment Act, 2014 (HFNA 2/2014)

Government Act Amendment Act, 2014 (HFNA 3/2014)

Budget Act, 2014 Amendment Act, 2014  (HFNA 4/2014)


Budget Act, 2013 (HFNA 1/2013)

Economic Development Act (HFNA 2/2013)

Miscellaneous Statutes Amendment Act (HFNA 3/2013)


Budget Act, 2012  (HFNA 1/2012)

Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act  (HFNA 2/2012)

Real Property Tax Act  (HFNA 3/2012)


Constitution Act (HFNA 1/2011)

Citizenship and Treaty Enrolment Act (HFNA 2/2011)

Government Act (HFNA 3/2011)

Code of Conduct and Conflict of Interest Act (HFNA 4/2011)

Referendum and Recall Act (HFNA 5/2011)

Election Act (HFNA 6/2011)

Financial Administration Act (HFNA 7/2011)

Budget Act, 2011 (HFNA 8/2011)

Land Act (HFNA 9/2011)

Community Planning and Development Act (HFNA 10/2011)

Resource Harvesting Act (HFNA 11/2011)

Offense and Law Enforcement Act (HFNA 12/2011)

Tribunal Act (HFNA 13/2011)

Interpretation Act (HFNA 14/2011)

Effective Date Procedures Act (HFNA 15/2011)



Human Resources Policy Regulation Amendment Regulation, 2018 (HFNR 1/2018)


Non-Replaceable Forest Licence Regulation Amendment Regulation, 2017 (HFNR 1/2017)

Eligibility for Land Interest Regulation – WFP (HFNR 2/2017)

Human Resources Policy Regulation Amendment Regulation, 2016 (HFNR 3/2017)

Travel Expenses Regulation Amendment Regulation, 2017 (HFNR 4/2017)

Annual Property Tax Rates Regulation, 2017 (HFNR 5/2017)

Human Resources Policy Regulation Amendment Regulation (No. 2), 2017 (HFNR 6/2017)

Time Limit for Eligibility to be Public Officer Following Disqualification Regulation, 2017 (HFNR 7/2017)

Human Resources Policy Regulation Amendment Regulation (No. 3), 2017 (HFNR 8/2017)

Eligibility for Land Interest Regulation Amendment Regulation (Steelhead LNG Corp.), 2017 (HFNR 9/2017)


Economic Development Act Consequential Amendments Regulation (HFNR 1/2015)

Residential Lease Regulation Amendment Regulation, 2015 (HFNR 3/2015)

Infrastructure Policy Regulation Amendment Regulation 2015 (HFNR 5/2015)


Human Resources Policy Regulation Amendment Regulation, 2014 (HFNR 1/2014)

Purchasing Policy Regulation Amendment Regulation (HFNR 2/2014)

Budget Act, 2014 Correction Regulation, 2014 (HFNR 3/2014)

Purchasing Policy Regulation Amendment Regulation, 2014-2 (HFNR 4/2014)

Minor Revisions and Consolidation Regulation (HFNR 5/2014)

Human Resources Policy Regulation Amendment Regulation (No.2), 2014 (HFNR 7/2014)


Citizen Development Amendment Regulation (HFNR 1/2013)

Compliance Notice and Ticket Amendment Regulation (HFNR 2/2013)

Development and Building Permits Regulation (HFNR 3/2013)

Governance And Fiscal Agreement Regulation (HFNR 4/2013)

Human Resources Policy Amendment Regulation, 2013 (HFNR 5/2013)

Infrastructure Policy Amendment Regulation (HFNR 1/2013)

Land Interest and Temporary Permit Regulation (HFNR 7 /2013)

Minor Revisions Regulation (HFNR 8/2013)

Residential Lease Amendment Regulation (HFNR 9/2013)

Social Housing Amendment Regulation  (HFNR 10/2013)

Travel Expenses Amendment Regulation (HFNR 11/2013)

Land Use Plan Amendment Regulation  (HFNR 12/2013)

Zoning Amendment Regulation  (HFNR 13/2013)

Non Replaceable Forest License Regulation (HFNR 14/2013)


Citizen Development Regulation (HFNR 1/2012)

Social Housing Regulation (HFNR 2/2012)

Residential Lease Regulation (HFNR 3/2012)


Criminal Convictions Regulation (Code of Conduct and Conflict of Interest Act) (HFNR 1/2011)

Gift Disclosure Regulation (HFNR 2/2011)

Land Use Plan Regulation (HFNR 3/2011)

Zoning Regulation (HFNR 4/2011)

Criminal Convictions Regulation (Election Act) (HFNR 5/2011)

Cash Management Regulation (HFNR 6/2011)

Economic Development Policy Regulation (Repealed) (HFNR 7/2011)

Financial Administration Act Regulation (HFNR 8/2011)

Human Resources Policy Regulation (HFNR 9/2011)

Infrastructure Policy Regulation (HFNR 10/2011)

Investment Management Policy Regulation (HFNR 11/2011)

Purchasing Policy Regulation  (HFNR 12/2011)

Risk Management Policy Regulation (HFNR 13/2011)

Travel Expense Regulation (HFNR 14/2011)

Fisheries Regulation (HFNR 15/2011)

Wildlife and Migratory Birds Regulation (HFNR 16/2011)

Human Resources Regulation Policy Amendment Regulation, 2011 (HFNR 17/2011)

Fisheries Regulation Amendment Regulation, 2011 (HFNR 18/2011)

Wildlife and Migratory Bird Regulation Amendment Regulation, 2011  (HFNR 19/2011)

Compliance Notice and Ticket Regulation (HFNR 20/2011)

Referendum and Recall Act Forms Regulation (HFNR 21/2011)

Report to People’s Assembly Form Regulation (HFNR 22/2011)

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