Huu-ay-aht Executive Council(2)Here you can access agendas and minutes from 2011 onward by clicking a year below to find the associated agendas, meetings minutes, and council reports.

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You can find a summary of each Regular Monthly Executive Council Meeting here (as of the July 11, 2019 meeting):

2019/20 – Summary of Meetings

2019/20 – Video recording of Executive Council Meetings

Here you can find the biographies of the newly Elected Chief and Council:

Executive Council Portfolios

November 2020

3 thoughts on “Executive Council

  1. wow so you can make money from what the world has to offer but we cannot,please woman everyone has a right to make money how ever possible.

  2. I would like to tell the executive council to REALLY live your values and stop the destruction that is now going on in the village of Bamfield, and the proposed development of the LNG plant. How do you justify your tag line” Ancient Spirit Modern Minds- if this was true there would not be a proposal for an LNG plant which is more destructive than anything your band has done to date. Perhaps if you look into where your councillors have been educated you would see that your decision making is greatly influenced by your desire for $. Look what you have done to Bamfield (last there in July 2018). Why not do something that will be trend setting and world renowned. Not the same old destructive acts. We expect better from you!! Than you can really walk your talk!

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