Maa-nulth Treaty 10-year Anniversary Video

Maa-nulth Final Agreement came into effect on April 1, 2011, giving Huu-ay-aht:


Huu-ay-aht has combined traditional values and modern democratic practices to guide the development of Huu-ay-aht legislation.


  • Decision making over land and natural resources
  • Power over infrastructure projects
  • Meaningful opportunities for economic growth


  • The Treaty sets out how Maa-nulth First Nations, Canada, and British Columbia will live together and share in the benefits and responsibilities of living on these lands, and
  • Provides tools for new government-to-government relationships between Canada, British Columbia, and the Maa-nulth First Nations to address issues as they arise,
  • Establishes democratically elected Maa-nulth governments with powers to make laws, manage lands and resources, protect and enhance culture, deliver programs and services, and collect taxes.

Starting in 2019, there will be regular citizen updates on Treaty Implementation and Treaty related matters

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