Our Community, Our Circle, Our Voice

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Huu-ay-aht First Nations engaged EcoPlan to create a comprehensive community plan. EcoPlan is a community planning firm which provides specialized and interdisciplinarity community planning services. To find out more about EcoPlan visit their website here.

EcoPlan built a community plan for Huu-ay-aht rooted in the values of Huu-ay-aht and the feedback and engagement from citizens. EcoPlan’s approach to community planning stresses the importance of collaborative participation with the community.

What Is a community plan?

It is comprehensive, it will look at everything that is important to Huu-ay-aht: the ḥahuułi, the water, trees, and our people. The plan is about community: it will be developed by the community and its participation, for the community. It is a plan: It will imagine the potential of the community, ground it in what is possible, and create a plan to make it all happen.

EcoPlan has provided the below timeline for the creation of the Huu-ay-aht comprehensive community plan:

Below are the updates from EcoPlan on the progress of the Comprehensive Community Plan:

Update 4

Update 3

Update 2

Update 1


Anacla Engagement Presentation One

Anacla Engagement Presentation Two

Community Survey Round 2: Reporting Back