As Huu-ay-aht, we commit ourselves to the values of our Nation:
a. reverence for the Creator (Naas);

b. honour for our ancestors;

c. respect for our elders, our children, our families, our future generations and
our kinship system;

d. recognition of an internal order based on our Ha’wiih and Ha-houlthee;

e. a deep pride in our identity;

f. our unique language;

g. appreciation of our unique and vibrant culture, a culture that embraces our
myths, stories, ceremonies and traditions;

h. a profound respect for nature, our lands and waters and all living things
within our territory;

i. an acceptance and reverence for a spiritual basis to life;

j. a common and mutually supportive economic foundation; and

k. acceptance of our obligation to safeguard our special relationship with the
Creator, the spirit world and the earth for future generations.

Constitution act
Huu-ay-aht First Nations
pages 6-7