Huu-ay-aht First Nations has a Youtube channel where you can find digital stories, learn how to prepare bannock, fill your mind with the beautiful memories of previous People’s Assemblies among other wonderful moments. Every week, we are going to invite you to share your thoughts on a specific one.

Digital Stories — Becki Nookemus

Digital Stories — Ayanna Clappis

Digital Stories — Vanessa Sloan Morgan

Digital Stories — Jon Aarssen

Watch Part One of the video “Heart of the People”

Watch the video “Culturally Modified Trees of the Huu-ay-aht First Nations”

Watch the video “Renewing Our Historical Greatness For Our Children”

Digital Stories – Cory Howard Jr

Digital Stories – Tiana Peters

My culture, my language, my life – Marie Newfield

Brushing Ceremony at Kiix̣in- Chelsea Horton and Rowan Gloag

Digital Stories – Fredrick Cook

Digital Stories – Justine Mack

Digital Stories – Wišqii

Digital Stories – Roger Gallant

Digital Stories – Christopher Williams

Digital Stories – Edward Johnson Jr.

Digital Stories – Heather Castleden

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