As a leader among First Nations, the Huu-ay-aht will create certainty for its people and generate wealth for financial independence by providing economic opportunities, social, cultural and recreational programs for all Huu-ay-aht.

Naaca maʔał Huuʔeeʔatḥ ḥaaʔak

ʔuukʷaqḥwitas ʔuuʔaałuk quuʔas minḥ

ʔiisaakstał ʔuusaḥqƛin čačimhi.

Hupuk̓ʷanim, ciqyak, łim̓aqsti, tanaqił minḥukqin


The Huu-ay-aht envision a strong, self-governing and self-reliant Nation. Iisaak will guide us as we work together to foster a safe, healthy and sustainable community; where our culture, language, spirituality and economy flourish for all.

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