Positions available on committees:

  • Finance Committee
  • Treaty Implementation Committee
  • Economic Development Committee
  • Citizen Development Committee
  • Citizenship and Treaty Enrollment Committee
  • Lands and Natural Resources Committee
  • Child and Family Wellness and Mental Health Committee
  • Anacla Community Planning Committee

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Standing committees (established under the Constitution Act):

Adhoc Committees Of Executive Council:

  • Lands and Natural Resources Committee
  • Citizen Development
  • LNG Advisory (Funded by the Generations funds)
  • Ha’wiih Council (Funded by the HGB funds received)

In house committees (Internal):

  • LNG Negotiations (Funded by the Capabilities Fund Agreement LNG)
  • Law & Policy
  • Capital Infrastructure

Maa-nulth Treaty Committees:

  • MNA (Joint HFN & Government Representative
  • HFN & Parks Canada – Cooperative Management Board (CMB)
  • Joint Fisheries Committee
  • Wildlife Committee