What is Plan W?

Through the use of a status card, First Nations in Canada are eligible for 100 percent coverage of approved

  • prescription drugs
  • over-the-counter drugs
  • non-drug over-the-counter items (eg, lancets for diabetics’ use)
  • ​the Shingrix® vaccine

How do I access these benefits?

To avoid paying out-of-pocket cost, when talking with your pharmacist notify them about the Plan W coverage to see if what you are needing is covered.

Some medications that are not covered have an alternative that is covered. If you are being asked to pay, ask the pharmacist if there is an alternative.

What is NOT cover by Plan W?

  • alternative therapies (eg, glucosamine and evening primrose oil)
  • anti-obesity drugs
  • cannabis
  • clinic, physician and hospital fees, including for completing a form
  • drugs with investigational or experimental status
  • fertility agents and impotence drugs
  • prescriptions written by a veterinarian
  • ​vaccinations (the Shingrix® is covered; see What My Plan Covers)​

To learn more about Plan W, please visit First Nation Health Authority Here.