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8 thoughts on “Citizen Engagement

  1. Is band still distributing monies at 50 year birthday Mark as stated and voted on at last people’s assembly?

  2. Think trust is good idea but should have been voted on like everything else we decide upon. One week before distrubition and money spend for court and governing seems sgday almost month ago it was decided all vitamins then without vote taken from the parents who I’m sure have their children’s best inTeresa at heart . I worry more about single unstable people who will may or may not take as great care with their funds . Not cool. We have laws in place for reasons. This makes feel like citazens didn’t have the say . Chuu Nicole.

  3. I am terminally ill. When the notice came out that citizens of all ages, my family planned a vacation to Disney world and one to Vancouver. My oldest boy is also 17, has his own car and moving out and made tons of plsns with a large chunk of his money. So, this is my official request for their funds so we do so all the things listed above and then split the rest into savings

    1. Although I appreciate this must be difficult, unfortunately you cannot make an official request in this way. A policy will be developed, and when that is announced you can apply. Please watch out on social media and our website for the announcement.

  4. I still strongly believe the childrens monies be put in a trust account. But to save face on Christmas greed…..allow once a year a set amount of 500 dollars to say Christmas bonus of thier own monies.

    1. totally agree that should be there. at the age 19 please its been like this from begining.But älso foster parents shouldn’t have access to these funds what so ever.that should be .automatic

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