Kimberly Nookemus
Community Health Administrator
Coordinates wellness programs and medical patient travel for
Huu-ay-aht First Nations.
Phone: 1-888-644-4555

Credit: NTC Pamphlet

Hours for Nurse and Client Navigator:
Monday to Friday
8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

Please feel free to call if you have any questions about your health journey.

Please leave a message on either of our confidential voicemail and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Nurse Navigators on Vancouver Island:

Central Vancouver Island

Nurse Navigator:
Cell: 250-731-5392
Office: 778-421-8082 Ext. 7223

Client Navigator:
Cell: 250-735-3033
Office: 778-421-8082 Ext. 1313

Coast Salish
South Vancouver Island

FNHA Nurse Navigator:
Phone: 778-678-5392

North Vancouver Island

FNHA Nurse Navigator:
Phone: 250-230-1503

The Community Based Nurse Navigator Assists You By:

  • Working together with you and your community
  • Explaining health care issues or concerns
  • Helping with your health and wellness plan
  • Helping to connect you and the healthcare system
  • Supporting your relationship with other healthcare professionals
  • Helping with discharge planning along side the Advocate Nurse and Hospital Nurses
  • Providing assistance and direction if you have a complaint about services or treatment while in hospital
  • Finding a cultural/spiritual healer
  • Providing cultural awareness to healthcare professionals
  • Assisting with bridging connections to support services such as employment services, counselling and schooling

North Island

Alert Bay
Namgis Health Centre
Teliah Vollick
Phone: 250-974-5522 ext. 2184
Cell: 250-974-8314
Fax: 250-974-2698
Email: teliah.vollick@namegis.bc

Campbell River
Nadine Kruger, ILN
Phone: 250-286-7100 ext. 67305
Cell: 250-830-8865
Fax: 250-286-7177

Laurel Anderson, ILN
Phone: 250-331-5900 ext. 65308
Cell: 250-650-5714

Emily Mark, Weekend ILN
Phone: 250-331-5900 ext. 65308
Cell: 250-527-0139

Mt. Waddington
Port Hardy Hospital
Benedict Leonard, ILN
C/O Port Hardy Health Unit / Port Hardy Hospital
Phone: 250-902-6011 ext. 66985
Cell: 250-713-4549
Fax: 250-902-6030

Violet Alfred, IPN
(Thursday – Tuesday, 11 – 7 p.m.)
Cell: 250-702-5614
Fax: 250-902-6030

Central Island

Nanaimo Hospital
Louise Dexter, ILN
(Friday – Sunday)
Phone: 250-755-7691 ext. 52095
Cell: 250-741-4234
Fax: 250-755-3361

Joanne van Engelsdrop
(Monday – Thursday)
Phone: 250-755-7691 ext. 52095
Cell: 250-883-3010
Fax: 250-755-3361

Miranda Borrelli, ILN, NRGH ED
Cell: 250-713-8184


Cowichan District Hospital
Danny Pasichnyk, CTN
Thursday – Monday 11 – 7 p.m.
Phone: 250-727-2030 ext. 45682
Cell: 250-589-8256
Fax: 250-709-3038

Port Alberni

West Coast General Hospital
Deb Melvin, LPN /
Claudette Lucas, LPN
4 rotating 4 days on, 4 days off with Claudette Lucas
Phone: 250-723-1390 ext. 48109
Cell: 250-735-4319
Fax: 250-731-1342
Email: or

Linda Smith, LPN
Nurse Navigator
Hours: Mon – Fri 8:30 – 4:30p.m.
Phone: 250-742-5757 ext. 280
Cell: 250-731-5392

Becki Nookemus, BA
Client Navigator
Hours: Mon – Fri 8:30 – 4:30 p.m.
Phone 250-724-5757
Cell: 250-735-3033


Tofino General Hospital
April Nelson, CTN (Sun-Wed)
Alishia Vandrimmelen, CTN (Wed-Sat)
Phone: 250-725-4010 ext. 64143

South Island


Sannich Peninsula Hospital
Jane Fox, RN BScN
Phone: 250-652-7590 ext. 27590
Cell: 250-677-0774
Fax: 250-652-7547

Lucia Bartleman, IPN
Cell: 250-217-6407


Victoria General Hospital
Monique Pat, RPN
Phone: 250-519-5300 ext. 15479
Cell: 250-480-8333
Fax: 250-519-1524

Cody Kirkpatrick, ILN
Satuday – Monday
Phone: 250-727-4543
Cell: 250-217-0934
Fax: 250-519-1524

Royal Jubilee Hospital

Selina Bickle, ILN
Phone:250-370-8847 ext. 18447
Cell: 250-580-4922

Catherine Condy, ILN
Saturday – Monday
Phone: 250-519-1905 ext. 11905
Cell: 250-580-3920
Fax: 250-519-1524

Candice Trudel, ILN (Float)
Cell: 250-508-6268
Fax: 250-519-1524