New Fitness Centre in Lower Anacla

Community members at the grand opening of Fitness Centre (Photo by Danielle Tramer).

On Tuesday, August 15, 2023, Huu-ay-aht First Nations and the community in the Bamfield/Anacla area gathered in Lower Anacla, at 90 Emchiss Way, for the grand opening of the new fitness centre.

Through a grant from the First Nations Health Authority, the Community Services, Child and Family Wellness, and Infrastructure Department collaborated on bringing the fitness Centre to what it is today.

Prior to becoming the new fitness centre, the building was once the Huu-ay-aht Band Office, and then utilized for storage space. Over time, the space sat vacant and got closer to being completely removed. The infrastructure department was able to restore the building and prepare it for the fitness centre.

The fitness centre is open to all community members in the Bamfield and Anacla areas.

Before attending the gym for the first time please review this Fitness Centre checklist, view here: checklist

Here you will find the liability forms for both Adults and Youth wanting to use the gym. These forms must be submitted to, once submitted you will be given a user code to the door to gain access to the gym.

Liability form, view here

Youth liability form, view here

(Photos by Danielle Tramer).