Three bedroom housing unit is available for November 1, 2022

Huu-ay-aht First Nations has a three-bedroom subsidized rental unit available in upper Anacla. The rent will be as per part 2 section 16 of the Rental Housing Regulation.

Deadline to apply: October 31, 2022
Date the unit is available: November 1, 2022

Application for housing

An eligible individual may apply for subsidized housing by filling out the housing application (available online or at the Anacla Government Office) and returning it by emailing it to or dropping off at Anacla Government Office.               

*An existing applicant can confirm their existing application on file, which can be used. Please ensure all information is still current.

Housing Update (June 6, 2022)

Huu-ay-aht continues to work with BC Housing on the next approved units. With final approvals, building these unit should start in fall 2022.

The Huu-ay-aht Housing Authority has also hired Tiana Peters to provide assistance to the Housing Authority and to tenants in helping to identify and resolve rental housing issues. Tiana will assist tenants in developing maintenance issues, working with Huu-ay-aht maintenance employees to ensure units are accessible, and that work is done in a timely manner. 

Tiana will also be responsible for undertaking regular safety inspections. As the landlord, the Housing Authority has a responsibility to inspect all units for safety issues. Tiana will follow the process outlined in the rental agreements and arrange for access in advance. Tiana can be contacted at

Huu-ay-aht to build 11 housing units with Rapid Housing Initiative funding from CMHC

Huu-ay-aht First Nations has made housing one of its top priorities. Thanks to a grant from the Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation, it will have 11 new units in Anacla by March 2022.

Huu-ay-aht is one of two First Nations communities in British Columbia to receive a Rapid Housing Initiative (RHI) grant to build houses it their communities.

CMHC announced a total RHI investment of $6.92 million to build 19 units of affordable housing for British Columbia First Nations under the National Housing Strategy. Huu-ay-aht will receive approximately $3.62 million. The remaining funds go to the Uchucklesaht Tribe for seven units of housing.

“We have made a commitment to our people to create a safe, healthy place to live where they can connect with the land and their culture,” explained Tayii Ḥaw̓ił ƛiišin (Head Hereditary Chief Derek Peters). “A key to fulfilling this commitment is offering proper housing on our ḥahuułi (traditional territory), and this grant allows us to take a big step toward that goal. By doing this, we honour our sacred principles of ʔiisaak (utmost respect), ʔuuʔałuk (taking care of), and Hišuk ma c̕awak (everything is one).”

“This 11-unit housing project builds on the success of our 2020 housing project, and it brings our total new housing units up to 22,” explained Chief Councillor Robert J. Dennis Sr. “Thanks to the timely contribution from CMHC, we are able to offer affordable housing to more of our citizens so they can move home and enjoy our wonderful homeland.”

The Nation began the project in March, starting construction on seven units – six in the Upper Anacla subdivision and one in Lower Anacla. The first seven units are expected to be completed by September, and the remaining four units will be complete by March 2022. The units consist of:

  • A fourplex of two-bedroom, one bath
  • A duplex of four-bedroom, two bath units
  • A four-bedroom, two -and-a-half bath, with a single garage home
  • Two three-bedroom, two bath homes
  • A two-bedroom, two bath, with a single garage
  • A two-bedroom, two bath, single-wide home (lower village)

If you would like more information about housing through Huu-ay-aht, contact Sheila Charles at or call 250-731-5676.

For full details on the funding announcement, go to this link.

Sheila ready to help with housing needs

Sheila Charles has always been an advocate for Huu-ay-aht citizens. As an elected councillor for two terms, she was instrumental in making the Social Services Project a reality and improving so many lives through this process. She will now turn her attention to the housing needs of her Nation.

Sheila joined Team Huu-ay-aht and takes over the responsibility for housing for the Nation.

“I’m excited about the challenge this position presents,” she says. “I look forward to helping get our citizens into healthy living arrangements – ones where they will feel happy and safe and find a sense of pride.”

Her position is new to the Huu-ay-aht administrative team, and it is still a work in progress. Sheila says this will be a rewarding job as she gets to work with the team to ensure the new housing position is a “made in Huu-ay-aht” model. She plans to consult with other organizations, like the Nuu-chah-nulth Tribal Council, to see what she can learn from what they are doing in housing. For the most part, Huu-ay-aht will be creating a position that will help address the specific needs coming from the Nation’s community. Prior to this change, direction came from the Housing Oversight Board.

In her new role, Sheila will oversee all the Huu-ay-aht rental properties. She will also be a contact for citizens who need help with their current housing or assistance finding a new place to live. She also sees ongoing maintenance and upkeep of the rental units as an important part of her job.

“We want citizens to know they are supported,” Sheila says. “It is important that we offer them security as we would like to see more citizens move home.”

Sheila acknowledges she has a lot of work ahead of her and lots to learn along the way.

“Learning as I go along is very familiar from the days I spent on Executive Council,” she explains. “I’m excited for the challenge and can’t wait to see more citizens getting into housing and moving home.”

Sheila will also offer help with the application process and other housing needs. She wants to remind citizens that information is available on Huu-ay-aht’s website ( if they need to apply for housing or have other questions. She wants to remind citizens that the deadline for to apply for housing is March 1 of every year, as outlined in the Social Housing Regulation. Citizens can also email her directly at or call 250-731-5676.

Huu-ay-aht is one step closer to opening Mother Centre

Offering support and healing from multi-generational trauma is a key focus that came out of Huu-ay-aht’s independent Social Services Panel’s work. In the final report one of the recommendations was to work to establish a centre modeled on the Vancouver Mother Centre.

“Building a road to healing the effects of multi-generational trauma will be of fundamental and central importance to bringing Huu-ay-aht children ‘home’ and keeping them safe, healthy, and connected with Huu-ay-aht community and culture.  This healing must be done family by family and collectively as a Nation.” (Social Services Project p. 24)

Huu-ay-aht First Nations and the Port Alberni Mother Centre Society has been working with B.C. Housing to develop an Aboriginal Mother Centre, Oomiiqsu, in Port Alberni (Recommendation 26 of the Social Services Project).  Oomiiqsu, which means mother in Nuu-chah-nulth, is a unique, creative, and culturally appropriate approach to keeping families together, while providing them with the necessary guidance and tools to not only prevent children from entering care, but also for the families to flourish once outside of Oomiiqsu. Mothers and children (12 and under) will live in Oomiiqsu and receive wrap-around supports to address ongoing safety concerns from Usma (DAA) and/or Ministry of Children and Family Development.

Oomiiqsu will house multiple programs and services to support Huu-ay-aht and other Nuu-chah-nulth families:

  • 12-unit residential program for mothers and their children, ages 9-12
  • Four second-stage housing units
  • Oomiiqsu Child Care Centre
  • Office space for the Child and Family Wellness Department

Land has been purchased by BC Housing at 4305 Kendall Avenue and design plans for Oomiiqsu and Oomiiqsu Child Care Centre are complete. The Nation is still finalizing the plan for the centre, and we look forward to sharing this rendering with everyone once plans are finalized.

 Further progress on the project is subject to other approvals and funding from partners, but Huu-ay-aht is committed to making this centre a reality. As we move through the initial steps, we will continue to offer regular updates when they are available.

Huu-ay-aht made a rezoning application to the City of Port Alberni on September 14, 2020. Signage notifying the public of this rezoning will be posted at the proposed site within 15 days to notify the public. 

This is an exciting project for Huu-ay-aht and the Alberni Valley, and we look forward to sharing more information from you as the plan progresses.