Bamfield Main Road Update – Speed Notice (August 10, 2023)

Bamfield Main Resurfacing Project Header

On August 8, the kilometres 36 to 49 section of Bamfield Main is open for traffic. However, drivers must adhere to the 50 km per hour speed limit, as failure to do so may result in damage to vehicles. Signs are in place to warn drivers of speed changes and loose gravel. Until the last sweep is finished and the speed signs are taken down, construction zone speed limits must be adhered to in order to prevent vehicle damage.


The speed when driving on the Bamfield Main Road should not exceed 60 km per hour, and drivers are recommended to slow down in bad weather conditions and required to slow down to 50 km per hour when construction equipment, flaggers, and crews are on the road. The RCMP will be monitoring for safe driving throughout the project and detour.

The Bamfield Main is very dusty during the hot weather conditions. Please drive with your headlights on and drive with extreme caution. The Bamfield Main has lots of wash board, please be prepared for your travels.

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