The Oomiiqsu (Aboriginal Mother Centre) grounds cleansed by Tseshaht, Hupačasatḥ, and Huu-ay-aht

Left to right: Edward R. Johnson (Huu-ay-aht Executive Councillor), Ken Watts (Tseshaht Chief Councillor), Brandy Lauder (Hupačasatḥ Chief Councillor), Jeff Cook (Huu-ay-aht Ḥaw̓iiḥ Councillor), Shannon Zimmerman (Huu-ay-aht Child and Family Wellness Director).

On Monday, April 17, 2023, The Oomiiqsu (Aboriginal Mother Centre) grounds were cleansed before any work begins on the property.

In attendance was Tseshaht Chief Councillor, Ken Watts, Hupačasatḥ Chief Councillor, Brandy Launder, Huu-ay-aht Ḥaw̓iiḥ Councillor, Jeff Cook, Huu-ay-aht Executive Councillor, Edward R. Johnson, Huu-ay-aht Child and Family Wellness Director, Shannon Zimmerman.

Tseshaht Chief Councillor, Ken Watts chanting a prayer to cleanse the Oomiiqsu property.

Together, they sent prayers up to the ancestors as they spread eagles down over the property where the Oomiiqsu will be located. In first nation culture, doing this ceremony cleanses the land before important business happens.

Site prep work started following the ceremony, and the ground breaking is expected to happen in May 2023.  


  • In accordance with the Social Service Panel Report (2017) see recommendations 26 (work to establish a center modelled on the Vancouver Aboriginal Mothers Center): Social Service Panel Report
  • In accordance with the Social Service Evaluation (2020) areas of focus – Huu-ay-aht to secure operational funding for the Oomiiqsu Mother Centre. Refer to: Social Service Evaculation Report