Citizens hired for People’s Assembly Planning

We are excited to share that Marena Dennis and Tiana Peters will be assisting Nene Kraneveldt with the planning of the September 30 People’s Assembly.

Hiring our citizens helps build capacity and connects directly into our strategic goal of “citizen development through empowerment and support.”

Marena will be calling citizens to register, managing the database and supporting citizens with accommodation and travel requests.

Tiana, our Anacla based assistant, will be engaging with youth to encourage participation, supporting the coordination of childcare, helping with Anacla logistics and preparing mailouts and meeting kits.

As identified and requested in our Citizen Survey in 2016, there will be cultural support people available at each location. They will be introduced at the beginning of the day and citizens will have the day to access their services.

Childcare will also be available at each site where children have registered.