Public Notice – Application for an interest in Huu-ay-aht lands – Lease

PUBLIC NOTICE is hereby given that:

Western Forest Products (WFP) has made an application under the Land Act, s. 18 for a 99 year Lease over an area of approximately 103 acres and associated statutory right of way.

The purpose of the interest applied for is to acquire a lease and statutory right of way for lands at Sarita Bay where WFP operates a dryland sort. This lease is part of a transaction where Huu-ay-aht will acquire lands at Sarita Bay, but will lease a smaller portion of the lands back to WFP for the operation of the dryland sort.

The lease and statutory right of way will be for 99 years, triple net, with no base rent, and will be registerable at the BC Lands Title Office. The lease will be on standard commercial terms for the lease of industrial property in British Columbia.

Diagram and report can be viewed at the Huu-ay-aht Government Offices in Anacla (170 Nookemus Road) and Port Alberni (4644 Adelaide St.). If more information is required a request can be made through the Director of Lands Resource and Infrastructure.

The applicant may be contacted at:

Western Forest Products Inc.
Attn: Director Real Estate
800-1055 West Georgia St.
Royal Centre, PO Box 11122
Vancouver, BC

Please send any comments on the proposed application via email to: Stephen Rayner, Director of Lands, Resources and Infrastructure, or submitted written comments to Stephen’s attention either Huu-ay-aht Government Office before February 23, 2017.

Yours truly,

Stephen Rayner; Director
Lands, Resources & Infrastructure
Huu-ay-aht First Nations

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