Notice of Posting of Voters’ List for the March 25, 2017 Referendum

Notice is hereby given pursuant to the Huu-ay-aht Election Act that the Voters’ List for the March 25, 2017 Referendum as authorized under the Referendum and Recall Act by Executive Council will be available for public inspection from February 24, 2017 until the close of voting on March 25, 2017.

Voters’ lists will be available for inspection at:
• Anacla Government Office, 170 Nookemus Rd, Anacla, during normal business
hours, or
• Port Alberni Government Office, 4644 Adelaide Street, Port Alberni during normal
business hours.

Those wishing to inspect the Voters’ List must agree in writing not to use or disclose the information on the list except for purposes of the Election Act.

All Huu-ay-aht citizens who have achieved the age of 18 as of March 25, 2017 are eligible to be
included on the Voters List.

The Election Commissioner is responsible for the fair, efficient, accessible and transparent
conduct of the elections under the Election Act. The duties and powers of the Election
Commissioner are detailed in Division 1 of the Election Act.

Kit Spence has been appointed as Election Commissioner and may be contacted by telephone
at 1-250-881-0142 or by email at

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