Huu-ay-aht citizens will have final say

Kim Baird has been hired by the Nation to promote Huu-ay-aht’s interests with regards to social services, specific claims, and economic development opportunities and help open the conversation with Canada and others related to these efforts.

Lobbying efforts are an important practice in gauging political interests and being able to influence actions, policies, or decisions at all levels of government to continue to advance the Nation’s interests in achieving our strategic priorities.

Baird brings a wealth of experience working in government and will play a valuable role in advancing the Nation’s efforts. In order to put together the proposed co-management agreement for the Sarita LNG project that is now subject to a vote by citizens it was and is necessary to know the position of Canada and other First Nations. Hiring consultants and advisers like Kim Baird is standard practice for successful progressive governments.

Meetings with B.C., Canada, and other First Nations does not change the fact that citizens will have the final say on the proposed Sarita LNG project by referendum vote on March 25, 2017.