Safety concerns drive construction of walking path

A long-awaited walking trail along the Bamfield main road is now in the works, thanks to funding through the multi-year Generations Fund signed with Steelhead LNG and Huu-ay-aht First Nations.

Through community consultation, Huu-ay-aht citizens and area residents identified concerns regarding the safety of people walking between Anacla and Bamfield. In response to this concern, the Huu-ay-aht government is leading the development and construction of a safe pathway. At this time, work on the path is focused on determining the best route between the two communities and securing the rights of way required, which currently pass through numerous properties including some held by unidentified landowners.

Safety on the road between Anacla and Bamfield has always been a big concern to residents and a top priority to Huu-ay-aht First Nations. With an increase in traffic along the road, the Nation has made a commitment to citizens to create a walking trail along the route that will help people stay safe in their travels.

Huu-ay-aht Elected Chief Councillor Jeff Cook says it’s an important and excellent project as it is a piece of road that has many blind spots posing potential threat to motorists, pedestrians and cyclists.

“I’ve walked the road before and it feels dangerous,” he says. “There have been some accidents or near misses, and an effort needs to be made to keep citizens safe along that route.”

Cook says a lot of people use the route for hiking, biking, jogging and walking daily, and it is important to ensure their safety.

The Nation, through the funding from Steelhead LNG, has begun the process of constructing a 4.5 kilometre pedestrian path. The proposed route will follow along the Bamfield main road from Lower Anacla to The Market on Frigate Street in Bamfield.

This historic event has been in the works for many years, and due to the generosity of our partners, Steelhead LNG, Huu-ay-aht is able to make this dream a reality. The funding is part of a multi-year Generations Fund that will provide immediate funds for community health and wellness programs and long-term support for Huu-ay-aht culture, environment, capacity building, training and education, and economic development. Through projects such as these, Steelhead LNG is committed to supporting the Nation in improving the lives of Huu-ay-aht citizens wherever possible.

The safety of both communities is paramount, and this project will provide a safe and secure means for people to transit between the West Coast Trail, Lower Anacla and Bamfield. It is the commitment of the Huu-ay-aht government that this project will help to once again unite the citizens of Bamfield and Anacla, thus fostering lasting relationships between Huu-ay-aht First Nations and surrounding communities.