Citizens engaged through 2015 All-Candidate Event

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The first two All-Candidates Meetings for the 2015 Huu-ay-aht Election were a big success. Approximately 47 people attended the event at the Best Western Barclay Hotel on Tuesday night, June 9, in Port Alberni. On Wednesday, June 10 about 40 people came to participate in the meeting. The debate was also broadcast live for citizens who could not attend, and up to 37 people tuned in to hear what candidates had to say. Although there were difficulties with the live feed of the event, 17 people tuned in.

The third meeting will take place on June 19 in Port Alberni at the Best Western Barclay Hotel, from 6 to 9 p.m. The format will be the same, with candidates for Chief Councillor starting off the event, followed by the people running for the five councillor spots.

The final session will also be broadcast live for people who cannot be in attendance. The link is: The first two All-Candidate Meetings were recorded and will be available on Huu-ay-aht’s YouTube channel: (

Here are the questions asked in the Port Alberni All-Candidates Meeting:


Chief Councillor Candidates

Jobs, Huu-ay-ahts in training – what can be done?

How would you effectively manage a council that might not always agree?

What are your strengths and weaknesses?

How would you ensure youth are being heard and their concerns are being heard?

Where do you see Huu-ay-aht in 20 years, and how will you lead us to success?

What do you think of our communication, and what would you change?

What does a healthy government look like to you?

Will you reply to all emails/snail mail, and how will you ensure privacy?

How do you see our hereditary government and elected government having a better relationship?


Councillor Candidates

Would you volunteer some of your time to create a healthy community?

How well can you deal with the anger of some citizens without giving up?

How would you communicate with and involve the elders group if elected?

How would you support a decision that goes against your personal values?

What are the three things you hope will leave you a legacy for the next generation?

How will you put your personal biases aside and treat all citizens equally?

How would you encourage Huu-ay-aht citizens to speak up?

What would you suggest doing to bring citizens home?


These are the questions asked at the Anacla All-Candidates Meeting:


Chief Councillor Candidates

Given that the majority of the population lives in Port Alberni, is it important and feasible to continue to have an office in Port Alberni?

What are your strategies to make sure work relationships are healthy between Huu-ay-aht government and business?

Health, Elders and Education – please rank these in order of importance to you.

What would be some creative ways to get housing down here (Anacla)?

What is your vision for, in the next five year, for getting people in beds and how can they afford it?

There were five agreements in the treaty, what would you do to get these done (ie walking trail)?

What kind of commitment do you think the Executive Council must make to create a successful council?

The LNG project – Is it worth looking at, and will we be better off in the future as a result?

Would you work with the past government in transition to make it smooth?

Who is your hero or someone who inspires you?


Councillor Candidates

What kind of commitments should the Executive Council make to form a successful government?

If you heard a rumour or hearsay, what would you do about it?

How would you commit to being more involved in the community and Treaty Settlement Land?

Is it important and feasible to have an office in Port Alberni, given that the majority of the population lives there?

How would you see a strong and diverse economy in our homeland?

How will you educate our youth on traditions and culture, instead of alcohol and drugs? What are your personal beliefs on culture?

How will you ensure more Huu-ay-ahts get more of the jobs?

What weakness do you bring to the table and how would you work on it?

How would you encourage administration to incorporate more work experience programs for youth?

If elected, what would be your first and second priority?

Over the next four years, how do you see us as a nation unlocking the wealth of our land?

Note: These questions are paraphrased from the ones asked by citizens at the sessions. For exact wording and answers to the questions, please watch the recorded All-Candidates Meetings at