Huu-ay-aht elects new chief councillor

With a clear majority of votes, Robert Dennis Sr. has been declared Huu-ay-aht’s new Elected Chief Councillor.

John Alan Jack, Connie Waddell and Trevor Cootes won three of the five council seats by a clear majority, and have been declared councillors.

Proving that every vote counts, there is a three-way tie for the remaining two councillor seats between Sheila Charles, Benny Clappis and Jack Cook. In the event of a tie vote, Section 69 of the Election Act contemplates a run-off election. Election Commissioner Kit Spence will review the provisions of the Election Act to determine the next steps required and provide more detailed information to all the candidates after that review.

A recount was conducted by the Election Commissioner on Sunday afternoon, and the results were exactly the same. The three-way tie remains and will have to be broken to name the last two councillors.

Follow the link for a copy of the full results: Huu-ay-aht First Nations Election 2015 Results

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