Huu-ay-aht elects new chief councillor

With a clear majority of votes, Robert Dennis Sr. has been declared Huu-ay-aht’s new Elected Chief Councillor. John Alan Jack, Connie Waddell and Trevor Cootes won three of the five council seats by a clear majority, and have been declared councillors. Proving that every vote counts, there is a three-way tie for the remaining two … Continue reading Huu-ay-aht elects new chief councillor

Hear from the candidates on the issues

Tonight is the first of three All-Candidates Meetings prior to Huu-ay-aht’s 2015 Election. The session tonight, June 9, takes place at the Best Western Barclay, from 6 to 9 p.m. On Wednesday, June 10, candidates will gather in Anacla for the second meeting, from 4 to 7 p.m. The final All-Candidates Meeting will take place … Continue reading Hear from the candidates on the issues

Elections 2015 on June 20

The Election Act sets out the process for electing the Chief Councillor and elected Councillors on the Huu-ay-aht Council. Beginning in 2011, general elections are held on the third Saturday in June every four years. That makes this year an election year, and the vote is set to take place on June 20. Executive Council … Continue reading Elections 2015 on June 20