Windy weekend – Please prepare for potential power outages!

A series of storms will travel along the BC Coast this weekend. Given the forecast storm trajectories, Environment Canada is anticipated warning level winds from the South Coast up to Haida Gwaii and the North Coast. With a deep low pressure system brewing in the Gulf of Alaska and a strong ridge of high pressure building over Alberta, the resulting pressure gradient will produce strong to extreme outflow winds through the mainland valleys and inlets of the Central and North Coasts.

Moderate rain will also accompany the passage of the storms but is currently expected to remain below warning criteria. Snow levels will hover between 1000 and 1500m along the coast so we are not expecting these storms to produce any snow near sea level. There is however a risk of freezing rain through the North Coast inlets as incoming moisture clashes with cold outflow conditions. A calmer and drier weather pattern is expected beginning Tuesday.

If you have any questions about our preparedness plans for Anacla, please contact Amelia Vos ( at 1.888.644.4555 / 250.728.3414

Weather Event Impacts:

Potential for tree damage, power outages and disruptions to marine travel.

Weather Event Estimated Start Time and Duration:

Saturday through Monday.


Confidence Level:

Moderate! There is relatively good agreement between the  various weather models for the general pattern through the weekend. As always, the exact timing and details of each of these storms remains a challenge. Forecast certainty will increase with the approaching storms so please monitor the latest forecasts and warnings as they will most likely change.


Prepare for potential power outages. The marine community is encouraged to consider alternate plans over the weekend. Monitor forecasts and alerts for updates.

Wind Warning Criteria:

  • North Vancouver Island, Central Coast, North Coast, Haida Gwaii: 90km/h or more for Sustained Winds AND/OR Gusts to 110km/h or more
  • West Vancouver Island: 80km/h or more for Sustained Winds AND/OR Gusts to 100km/h or more
  • Remainder of BC: 70km/h or more for Sustained Winds AND/OR Gusts to 90km/h or more

For updates and alerts:

Environment Canada Forecasts:      

Environment Canada Alerts:             

Environment Canada Weather Blog:



Source: Matt MacDonald

Acting Warning Preparedness Meteorologist

Prediction and Services Directorate  – Operations West

Meteorological Services of Canada

Environment and Climate Change Canada

401 Burrard St, Vancouver, BC  V6C 3S5

(604) 664-9264

Reduce the risk of flooding this weekend!

Matt MacDonald, Acting Warning Preparedness Meteorologist, from the Prediction and Services Directorate  – Operations West, Meteorological Services of Canada and Environment Canada, forecasts potential flooding from Thursday, October 29th, evening through Saturday morning.

Two storms will deliver heavy rain to the South Coast of BC beginning Thursday evening. The first one with rainfalls of 40 to 60 mm between Thursday evening and Friday morning. The second storm will produce heavier rain, in the range of 50 to 80 mm between Friday afternoon and Saturday morning. Strong southwesterly winds of 50-70km/h are expected Friday morning as the storm moves onshore. Showers are expected Sunday with an additional 10 to 20 mm.


The areas subject to the heaviest rainfall amounts will be:

  • West side of Vancouver Island
  • North Shore Mountains
  • Fraser Valley, particularly the mountains to the north

Rainfall rates approaching 10 mm per hour are possible. Intense and prolonged rainfall increases the risk of flash flooding.


Ensure culverts and storm drains are free of debris. Previous heavy rainfall events at this time of year have created urban drainage issues due to leaves and debris blocking drains.

If you have any concerns, please contact Amelia Vos, Environmental Technician, via email or call her at 1-888-644-4555 or 250-728-3414








Coastal BC areas are safe after Chilean Earthquake

According to Emergency Management B.C. and as informed by the media, a large earthquake occurred off the Coast of Central Chile, on September 16. The National Tsunami Warning Center is currently analyzing the potential impacts along the West Coast of North America. At this time, no zones of coastal British Columbia are at risk from this event.

Huu-ay-aht First Nations has an Emergency Preparedness Plan. If you have any questions on the subject, contact Amelia Vos, the Nations’ Environmental Technician, at 250.728.3414 or via email

Please consider this event a reminder to be ready for earthquake and tsunami alerts. Do you have a grab-and-go kit ready? Does your family know the evacuation plan?

We want to help you be safe, follow this link for more information:





Health and Social Services Coordinator will be on holidays

Kristen Young, Health and Social Services Coordinator, is going to be off on holidays from August 21st to the 28th. All patient travels requests can still be made but will not be processed until August 31st. Should there be an emergency, please contact the Director of Community Services, Kathy Waddell (, phone:  250-723-0100.