Reduce the risk of flooding this weekend!

Matt MacDonald, Acting Warning Preparedness Meteorologist, from the Prediction and Services Directorate  – Operations West, Meteorological Services of Canada and Environment Canada, forecasts potential flooding from Thursday, October 29th, evening through Saturday morning.

Two storms will deliver heavy rain to the South Coast of BC beginning Thursday evening. The first one with rainfalls of 40 to 60 mm between Thursday evening and Friday morning. The second storm will produce heavier rain, in the range of 50 to 80 mm between Friday afternoon and Saturday morning. Strong southwesterly winds of 50-70km/h are expected Friday morning as the storm moves onshore. Showers are expected Sunday with an additional 10 to 20 mm.


The areas subject to the heaviest rainfall amounts will be:

  • West side of Vancouver Island
  • North Shore Mountains
  • Fraser Valley, particularly the mountains to the north

Rainfall rates approaching 10 mm per hour are possible. Intense and prolonged rainfall increases the risk of flash flooding.


Ensure culverts and storm drains are free of debris. Previous heavy rainfall events at this time of year have created urban drainage issues due to leaves and debris blocking drains.

If you have any concerns, please contact Amelia Vos, Environmental Technician, via email or call her at 1-888-644-4555 or 250-728-3414