A note from Jen Cody, NTC Dietitian to Anacla Residents

Hello everyone,

We have officially entered spring!   And with spring the earth is waking up again and growing season is starting.

I am excited to let everyone know that I will be available in person, in Anacla starting April 3, 2023!

This winter, I have been working from home, supporting communities in healthy eating at every age, food skills, and community food sovereignty.

I will be available to meet with Huu-ay-aht community members one on one to talk privately about food and health questions, link community members to resources, and learn more about foods that can help each person with their health.

I am also available to provide workshops about food and food skills.  I can provide workshops about food and nutrition, healthy eating, food skills (like preserving or cooking foods) or gardening and growing or harvesting foods.  Or other food topics you might want to learn about.

I enjoy hands on learning.  I can take groups out to forage, or work with others in your community garden or greenhouse to grow food for yourself or your community.

I am also able to meet with health centers or nation staff to participate in planning food sovereignty projects, identify funding opportunities, answer questions, provide resources and support the team in their food skills and knowledge where food and nutrition questions/opportunities come up. 

If you would like to meet, please contact me at:

Phone:  250-735-3999

Email:    Jen.cody@nuuchahnulth.org


Jen Cody