STELLA MAUREEN PETERS, traditional name n̓aasiismisʔaksup, who resides in Pachena Bay and is one of the Beach keepers for Anacla, is in her first term as a member of the executive council for Huu-ay-aht First Nations, a modern treaty nation located on the West Coast of Vancouver Island. 

Stella’s mother is the late Sharon Peters and her father is the late George Price (Metis). She is the granddaughter to Arthur and Aggie Peters. 

Stella’s spouse is James Nookemus and family is, Lonnie Nookemus, Patrick Nookemus and Kristen Young (grandchildren, Vanessa, Nolan, Tauri), Michelle Nookemus (grandchildren, Jayson, Patrick, Ivan, Hunter), James Jr. and Annette Nookemus (grandchildren, Barry, Sydney).

Stella served as a council member for 10 years prior to Treaty at which time she was involved in Community Human Services (CHS) which included Social, Health, Education, Family Care, Emergency Planning, and anywhere else she could be of assistance.  Stella has also been heavily involved in Kiix̣in Village for the last 38 years in educating people about Huu-ay-aht and understands the importance of the loss and revival of language, songs and dances, artifacts and regalia and has a good understanding of Huu-ay-aht traditions, culture and needs.

Stella has seen many big changes from being under the jurisdiction of the Federal Government (INAC) to now being a self-governing nation.  She has seen the tremendous growth of the Nation since Treaty with the ability to do so much more and sees being able to be a part of the continual growth as a great opportunity to contribute to the betterment of the community.  Stella is looking forward to her term as an Executive Council member and being a representative and a voice for Huu-ay-aht.  She currently holds the Citizen Development, Health, Education, Climate Change, and Emergency Planning Portfolios. 

During her own time, Stella is known for helping others and hosting community potlucks throughout the year. In 2022, Stella was recognized for all that she does, and was awarded the Citizen of the year award.