STEPHEN RAYNER, traditional name n̓aasquʔisʔatḥ was elected in the 2023 Election and holds the portfolio for Economic Development and Green Energy and Climate Sustainability.

Stephen Rayner comes from the family of Aah-paat, Maggie Mack and Na’kapandzilas, Harry Mountain, ḥaw̓iił, who had a daughter, Tuutaylim, Louisa Watts (nee Mack). Tuutaylim and Washimal’a Hishtsukwat, Thomas Watts Sr. had Tuutaaʔ ap, Thomas Watts Jr. Tuutaaʔ ap and Chief Lian Dolly McRae (nee Morgan) had Tuk-quuileh-sup, Cynthia Rayner (nee Watts), mother to Stephen Rayner. Stephen also carries close ties to the Sport, Johnson, and Nookemus families.

Prior to being elected, Stephen was a Geomatics Professional who developed and lead the Community Infrastructure Development Department at the Barkley Project Group. During this role, Stephen lead a team of professionals who support Nations in planning, developing, capacity building, project management, policy and regulation development, as well as economic development.

Leading to his career, Stephen attended the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology and received a diploma in Geomatics Engineering Technology.

Before working at the Barkley Projects Group, Stephen held a job position at Huu-ay-aht First Nations for 7.5 years. During that time, Stephen supported the planning, development, design, construction, commission, operation, and replacement of all Huu-ay-aht owned infrastructure.

As Elected Executive Council Member, Stephen Rayner looks forward to serving Huu-ay-aht First Nations in his four-year term, 2023 – 2026.