Bamfield Main Road Update – Road Closure Notice (August 2, 2023)

Bamfield Main Resurfacing Project Header

Marked Road Closures on the Bamfield Main are subject to ALL TRAFFIC.

The road closure at 36 – 49 km has experienced traffic going around the barricades and trying to travel through the construction zone where crews are actively chip sealing the road.

This is an extremely dangerous act to do and we kindly ask all traffic to obey the road signs and barricades. Not only does this put everyone in danger, but it causes more work and delay for crews to complete their work chip sealing the Bamfield Main.

Chip Seal Status

36 – 49 kilometres is nearly complete with chip seal. The chip seals needs two days to set and before opening, the crews will clean and sweep the road to remove as much dust and loose rock as possible.

Once the road opens in the coming week at kilometre 36-49, it is open for all traffic. At first, the road will be very dusty and have loose gravel. Please follow and obey the speed limit displayed on the Bamfield Main at all times.

Please watch out for our next road update later this week or early next week.