Bamfield Sewer Connection Community Interest Project

The Anacla Community Wastewater Treatment Plant is now operating and supports the vision of promoting the health and economic development of the Huu-ay-aht First Nations while also promoting the environmental health and stewardship of the local marine environment. The plant is currently providing sewer connections and processing to upper Anacla village, Bamfield Marine Sciences Centre (BMSC), and the Bamfield Community School. This new treatment plant has the potential to further reduce the level of contamination in Bamfield Inlet, by expanding its treatment service to further limit the sewage being discharged into the ocean.  There has been a growing concern over the health of the inlet and potential impacts on human health.  

Key Features of HFN’s new wastewater treatment plant include:

Enhanced water quality: Advanced technologies can significantly improve the quality of treated wastewater before it is released back into the environment. This improves protection of local water bodies and aquatic life.

Compliance with regulations: The new facility has been designed to meet or exceed relevant environmental regulations and standards set by provincial and federal authorities. This commitment to compliance helps safeguard the natural beauty and ecological balance of our region.

Sustainable practices: The wastewater treatment plant incorporates sustainable practices to minimize its environmental impact. It includes energy-efficient systems and water recycling processes.

Capacity for growth: The new wastewater treatment plant has been designed to accommodate additional capacity helping ensure the community’s wastewater needs can be met more effectively in the long-term.

The ACRD and HFN are now exploring the benefits, community interests, and process of connecting the community of Bamfield to the new treatment plant as the ACRD has a goal this year to learn more about the level of support for a wastewater service in Bamfield. 

To learn more about this process visit the project page at”Let’s Connect ACRD