2022 Micro-trolling contact complete

Photo by Tom Joe

The Huu-ay-aht fisheries team has completed their 2022 WCVI Micro-trolling contract in partnership with DFO. On the boat the team sets up two down rigger lines with multiple small (de-barbed) hooks, with a soaking time of 5 minutes. Areas of the Barclay Sound are then trolled with the hopes of catching young salmonids for sampling. Most of the sampling the team does is non-lethal! The team collects data such as species, size, DNA/RNA, and the overall health of the salmon. Samples and data have been sent off to DFO to help monitor success of our salmon! This project helps the nation learn more about the juvenile salmon life stage (1-2 years) which can help us manage our fisheries better.

Photo by Tyra Fabrick