Bamfield Main Project Update

Bamfield Main Resurfacing Project Header

Some of the reasons why you should not drive through the construction zone:

The crew is busy repairing many culverts for proper drainage. This creates very large holes in the road that would be hard to see, especially in the dark.
Unexpected traffic puts the road crew at risk. They work around noisy equipment, may have hearing protection on, and will not hear traffic coming.
Equipment could potentially be left on the road so crew members can pick up where they left off the next day. These could be hard to see at night as well.
If you were to have an accident, get a flat tire, or your vehicle was to break down, you could potentially be stuck there for a very long time as no other traffic would be coming along.
Vehicles driving through the construction site can also cause damage to the road setting progress back and making the road project take longer.