Evacuation Plan Survey

The ACRD has begun planning for evacuation routes as part of the plan with boundaries including Huu‐ay‐aht First Nations lands. The project has been awarded to Calian Group Ltd.

Calian Group Ltd. has requested citizen input through an online evacuation procedure survey. The survey is open until October 21, 2022, and all citizens and residents of Anacla are encouraged to complete the survey to help Calian understand what an emergency evacuation may look like for you and your family.  Survey Link

The project boundary includes:
• Bamfield & Long Beach Electoral Areas in entirety,
• Huu‐ay‐aht First Nations lands,
• Toquaht Nation lands,
• Uchucklesaht Tribe lands,
• Yuułuʔiłʔatḥ lands.

More information about the project and funding announcement can be found on the BC Government website.