Housing Update (June 6, 2022)

Huu-ay-aht continues to work with BC Housing on the next approved units. With final approvals, building these unit should start in fall 2022.

The Huu-ay-aht Housing Authority has also hired Tiana Peters to provide assistance to the Housing Authority and to tenants in helping to identify and resolve rental housing issues. Tiana will assist tenants in developing maintenance issues, working with Huu-ay-aht maintenance employees to ensure units are accessible, and that work is done in a timely manner. 

Tiana will also be responsible for undertaking regular safety inspections. As the landlord, the Housing Authority has a responsibility to inspect all units for safety issues. Tiana will follow the process outlined in the rental agreements and arrange for access in advance. Tiana can be contacted at housingcoordinator@huuayaht.org.