Burn program on TSL begins on October 16

HFN Forestry LP will be conducting a burn program to burn slash piles for reforestation and hazard abatement on the N1A, K3N, Treaty Settlement Land tenures and Private Land (see attached map) during the period of October 16, 2017 to December 31, 2017.

The main focus areas of the burn program are:
– Bamfield Mainline opposite from the Spencer Mainline junction
– East and West of Sarita Lake
– South of Belway Lake
– South of the Sarita Sort
– East of Frederick Lake
– North of Sugsaw Lake
– South of Pachena lake
– South of Rosseau Lake
– High elevation up the Klanawa
– Along Central Main spanning – CE 209, CE212, and CE213.

Burning of piles is an important part of reforestation of Huu-ay-aht Lands. Post-harvest pile burning is necessary not only to reduce the potential of unwanted fire, but also to aid in reforestation commitments of HFN Forestry LP. Piles occupy valuable planting spots for future generations of trees. Select piles near timbered edges will be left standing, as they create habitat for small forest animals that use them for shelter.
Many factors are considered prior to any ignition. All burn operations will be conducted in accordance to the Wildfire Act and Regulations, and the Open Burning Smoke Control Regulation. Ignitions will not occur if burning and weather conditions are not at a minimum threshold to ensure clean and efficient burning of the piled debris. Crews will be on scene monitoring to ensure containment, and ensuring smoke is clearing adequately to maintain air quality. Safe and diligent pile burning can be time consuming, and so the program is expected to be active for a couple months.

The resource professionals facilitating this operation are trained in safe and environmentally sound burn operations, and will use due diligence in ensuring Managers need to have a sound understanding of fire behavior and its short/long-term effects on the environment.
For more information, contact: Jessica Duncan, FIT, Assistant Forester/HFN Liaison, Meridian Forest Services Ltd (Email: jduncan@meridianforest.ca, Phone: 250-586-0200 ext. 207)