Public Notice of Burn Plan

HFN Forestry LP  will be conducting a burn program to burn slash piles for reforestation and hazard abatement on the N1A, K3N and Treaty Settlement Land tenures (see attached map) when weather conditions permit anytime between October 11,2016  until  December 31,2016.

The main focus areas of the burn program are:

  • Along the Bamfield Mainline at the Spencer Mainline junction
  • 5 km East of Sarita lake off the North Central Mainline
  • At 8 km along the Central Mainline
  • 4 km East of the Bamfield Mainline and Sugsaw Mainline junction
  • West of North sides of Sugsaw lake
  • South and North sides of Pachena Lake
  • 5 km of Pachena Bay off the Klanawa
  • South of Sarita lake 8km up Venn Mainline
  • Along the Bamfield Mainline at 69km
  • 1-2km Directly South of Sarita River across Bamfield mainline

Weather conditions need to be ideal in order to carry out the burn to ensure that the smoke does not create hardships on any people or wildlife in the vicinity. Optimum burning conditions are also needed to reduce the chance of a fire’s escape. This means that the burn program may take place over multiple days spread throughout the time period stated above.

Burning of piles is an important part of reforestation of Huu ay aht Lands as these areas occupy plantable spots that are replanted once burning is completed. The burning treatment is also important in removing potential fire hazards within the tenures. Burning is not done without all risk considered as Resource Managers need to have a sound understanding of fire behavior and its short/long term effects on the environment.

Contact Information:

Jillian Schochter

Phone: 250-586-0200

View this notice as a PDF – Burn Plan Public Notice 2016


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