Shellfish closure in Huu-ay-aht Territory

Effective immediately there is a harvest prohibition for all bivalve shellfish in Subarea 23-4 (as announced in DFO Fishery Notice FN1061-Bivalve Shellfish: Marine Biotoxin – Update for Area 23 – Sept 30, 2016.

The product may be contaminated given the deviance from the sampling requirements established under the biotoxin monitoring program.

Subareas 23-3, 23-5, 23-6 and 23-10 open to manila clams, littleneck clams, oysters and mussels only, closed to all other bivalve shellfish; Subareas 23-5, 23-8, 23-9 and 23-10 are also open to geoduck and horse clams. These areas are closed to all other bivalve shellfish; Balance of Area 23 closed to all bivalve shellfish.

Anyone planning to harvest locally should check for updates immediately prior to doing so either online at or by calling Natural Resources in the Anacla Office.

See details at: Fishery Notice – Bi-valve closure