Call for Citizen’s Motions for the People’s Assembly

Each year, the People’s Assembly considers motions from citizens to make recommendations to Executive Council.

In past these have included:

– Making the Soaring Eagle be made available as an activity centre for youth and to provide computer access to citizens,

– Developing a process to better support Huu-ay-aht students who travel from their homes in Anacla to Port Alberni for school

– That the People’s Assembly would be held over two days in Port Alberni with funding provided for travel and accommodations.

We will provide assistance in drafting the motion, put it on the agenda for the People’s Assembly and prepare a report about the matter you raise. Please contact Kim by email at or by fax at 250-723-4646.

Let us know if you would like to get your motion on the agenda for the upcoming People’s Assembly. Please contact us by October 18, 2016.