New email address offers more feedback on food box program

The priority of Huu-ay-aht First Nations is the health of its citizens.

We have been listening and are told that it is getting more challenging each month to make money stretch. We have also been told that it is difficult for some Elders to get to a store due to mobility and transportation issues. Many Huu-ay-aht citizens simply do not have access to fresh food on a regular basis.

We decided that one way we can have an impact in this area of health is to implement the Fresh Food Box program. The intention of the Fresh Food Box program is to supplement Huu-ay-aht citizens with a small amount of fresh food and whole grains each month. This program is not intended to feed entire families, but we hope that the little bit that people receive helps them make it through each month.

The program is facilitated through the Community Services Department and requires a significant amount of coordination. We welcome your feedback during this time of implementation. It helps us in so many ways. There are things, however, that we do not have control over, particularly in Victoria and Vancouver.

We are doing our best to ensure the program is fair, the food product is quality, and the deliveries are smooth. Unfortunately, we cannot tailor the contents of each bag that is received to suit certain tastes. Currently we are distributing to 152 Huu-ay-aht households. We are excited to have the program so well received. Thank you to all the people who make this happen every month.

We thank the citizens for their feedback and request that you email any comments to: or call 250-723-0100 and speak with Annie. We want to know if you did not receive your box. Thanks for your help.

6 thoughts on “New email address offers more feedback on food box program

  1. good morning Huu ay aht government office , My name is saicheelth-Jackson Dennis,I was talking about alot of issues people are having with the sizes of the fresh food boxes that are different on each delivery ,and yes I know it goes by whom is on the home ……how ever we need to work with the staff on this that we need a person to whom can volenteer to monitor the packaging of individual boxes within the Lower mainland and surounding areas…….could this be possible to avoid negative feed back from the families here …. kleco…cuuway

  2. I enjoy juicing fruits and vegetables. Maybe put more juicing materials. Just an idea because you do get plenty of nutrients this way

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