Nanaimo and Parksville Sockeye Distribution

Huu-ay-aht will be continuing food fish distribution in Nanaimo and Parksville tomorrow July 15.

  • Nanaimo’s distribution will be held at the Howard Johnson Parking lot from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m.
    For Nanaimo citizens, only those who have not already received fish will be eligible.
  • Parksville’s distribution will be at 140 Stanford Ave. from 1:30to 3 p.m.

Each person will receive five fresh, gutted sockeye. Please remember to bring your own bags or cooler.

Reminder: Let us know about address and phone number changes as soon as you can. Update your info here.

If you cannot make it, please print out and fill in the Food Fish Release Form
Please also read the Distribution Process and Rules