Professional values

Our civil servants are committed to:

• Ethics – be prepared, on time and ready to work
• Ethics – be responsible for the success of your work and others
• Lead by example
• Respect – for confidentiality, yourself and co-workers
• Work / Life Balance
• Work Smarter – Share your expertise and your successes
• Take pride in your work

• Golden Rule – Treat others how you want to be treated
• Listen actively and attentively to what people are saying and clarify
• Accept people for who they are and don’t judge
• Basic Etiquette – remember the common courtesies; kindness & compassion
• Iisaak
• Observe protocol and ceremony

• A healthy body, mind and soul through proper diet, sleep and exercise
• Avoid burning out with a proper work / life balance
• Be positive – always remember to smile and laugh
• Care about each other, ask questions and follow up
• Be appreciative of one another and the work we do

Effective communication
• Think twice, speak once
• Make sure your body language is sending the correct message
• Provide responses in a timely manner; acknowledge request and provide timeline
• Listen attentively and clarify

• Walk the talk – be honest, no gossiping
• Believe the good in everyone not the bad
• Voice your concerns, don’t harbor them – clear the air
• Spend more time focusing on what you are supposed to be doing, and less time on what others are or aren’t doing
• Be happy and enjoy your work life

• Be available to help and ask for help when needed
• Advocate and help one another
• Provide constructive criticism, not just criticism
• Don’t gossip; stop gossip when it occurs
• Clarify and seek feedback from each other