Citizen Motions matter at People’s Assembly

On Sunday, citizen motions will be brought forward at the People’s Assembly. These motions matter, and they must have a quorum in order to be addressed.

In 2013, citizen motions suggested the People’s Assembly should be two back-to-back days, rather than one. This year that is what Executive Council approved, and the two-day Assembly is almost here.

In 2013, citizens suggested travel and hotel accommodations should be covered for people travelling to the People’s Assembly in Port Alberni. This year Executive Council has arranged for bus tickets, ferry cards and gas cards to be given to citizens, and they booked hotel rooms for anyone who requested them.

In 2013, citizens asked that the satellite meetings in the Lower Mainland be eliminated, and this year the Assembly will take place in one location.

In 2013, citizens asked that Executive Council budget for costs to repair the floor of the House of Huu-ay-aht. After consulting with an engineer, council has decided to replace the current floor with a spring-wood floor, and a Request for Tender is being processed.

In 2013, citizens asked for a school bus for Anacla that meets all safety standards that could transport students to the Bamfield Community School. Last week, a shiny new 22-passenger school bus was delivered to Anacla to bus students safely to school.

In 2013, a recommendation was made to make language study of Huu-ay-aht’s traditional language available to all citizens through classes held in the Lower Mainland and Vancouver. The Nation has been supporting several speakers to continue their training in Aboriginal Language Revitalization through VIU and attend the NIC Gathering in Penticton. The Nananiiqsu Society held a fundraiser and sent 11 elders to the event. Staff has also been working with Nellie Dennis and Clifford Nookemus to learn the language basics. Executive Council will be working to create signs in the traditional language. The goal is to create more opportunities for people to use the Huu-ay-aht language in everyday situations.

Although three citizens motions were received too late to make it into the agenda, they will be brought to the People’s Assembly for consideration on November 30.

One citizen’s motion did make it in time to get into the People’s Assembly agenda for November 30.

Maria Newfield proposed that since so many Huu-ay-aht First Nations students under the age of 18 attend school in Port Alberni, while their families live in the Anacla area, with no support that the subject be addressed. At this year’s People’s Assembly it is recommended to the Executive Council that a process be developed for determining how to better support Huu-ay-aht students who travel to Port Alberni for school, including determining how to provide students with appropriate accommodations and support while in Port Alberni and transportation back to their homes on weekends. And also to provide interim support to the Huu-ay-aht students and their families currently commuting from the Anacla area to Port Alberni for school.

For a list of all motions that will be addressed at the People’s Assembly, go to the Huu-ay-aht website People’s Assembly section at

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  1. what can the huu ay aht government do to renovate peoples houses and get rid of mold issues?

    1. Thanks for your question Jackson. Please get in touch with Stephen Rayner on this matter. He is the Director of Government Services, and this falls under his portfolio. He can be reached at or at the Port Alberni Government Office, 250-723-0100 ex. 206. He would be happy to answer your questions.

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