People’s Assembly Highlights: November 30, 2013

  • The meeting was called to order at 10:46 am with quorum of 97 citizens achieved in Port Alberni and Burnaby.  95 citizens represent 20% of the voting population.
  • Elder Benson Nookemis performed the opening prayer, and then the Acting Speaker Angela Wesley invited everyone to come up and recognize their personal success or that of a family member or friend.
  • Citizens adopted by Consensus the appointment of Meyers Norris Penny as the auditor for HFN, as well as the Audited Annual Financial Statements.
  • Stan Coleman made a presentation on HDC businesses.
  • Chief Councillor Jeff Cook presented the HFN Annual Report
  • Denny Durocher was present in Port Alberni to take photos of attendees, which are shared with you below with their generous permission.

Above: Ben and Hilda Nookemis

Above: Dion Joe and partner Melissa-Marie Glaim, Isaiah Hunter Glaim, Mariah Ivy Frank, Mercedes-Marie Glaim, and Jermaine Frank

A summary of the Citizen Motions follow, which, if adopted, are recommendations to Executive Council to consider and report on.   Motions in green were adopted by Consensus or Vote.

  • Floor repair at House of Huu-ay-aht:  recommend that Executive Council incorporate the costs to repair the floor of the House of Huu-ay-aht and other structural alterations deemed necessary to make the floor safe for all existing and planned uses be incorporated into the 2014/2015 Budget Act with the repairs to be undertaken as soon as reasonability possible in the 2014/2015 fiscal year or in the current year if budget permits. (Motion proposed by Kristen Young and adopted by Consensus)
  • School bus in Anacla: recommend that Executive Council secure the use of a school bus by January 6, 2014 which meets all applicable safety standards. (Motion proposed by Kristen Young and adopted by Consensus)
  • a Risk Management Motion proposed by Robert Dennis Sr. was tabled until a later date as there were other motions regarding HDC to be considered.
  • HDC Spending Approval: recommend that Executive Council prepare and distribute an HDC spending approval report by March 1, 2014 on the feasibility, options, and implications of requiring that HDC Group of Companies spending involving a capital or operating expenditure in excess of $500,000 receive the prior approval of the People’s Assembly; and that the HDC spending approval report be placed on the next People’s Assembly agenda. (Adopted by Vote)

Kristen Young and children Nolan Nookemus, Tauri Young and Vanessa Young

Judy Johnson and son George Johnson

After a vote on an amendment to section 39(2) of the Government Act, it was determined that we no longer had quorum.  A new motion was proposed so that business could be continued.
(1)    Notice of the People’s Assembly scheduled for today, November 30, 2013, was given in accordance with Huu-ay-aht law;
(2)    Huu-ay-aht law requires that a quorum of 20% of citizens be present for a People’s Assembly;
(3)    The number of citizens in attendance at the People’s Assembly today has fallen below the legal requirement for quorum;
(4)    At the time of this motion, approximately 93 citizens are in attendance; and
(5)    The members of Executive Council in attendance here today have indicated that they will consider resolutions passed after having lost quorum as if they were resolutions of the People’s Assembly.

The Huu-ay-aht citizens here assembled, while not constituting the Huu-ay-aht People’s Assembly, hereby resolve to consider the motions brought before them here for the remainder of the day in the same manner and according to the same rules and procedures as if they were in attendance at a duly convened People’s Assembly. (Passed by Consensus)

Kathy Happynook and son Brian Happynook

left to right: Joycelyn McCloud, Lu-Uk McCloud, Tim Lanham, Petrina Joe-Lanham, Stacey McCloud

  • Amend Government Act: recommend to Executive Council to instruct the Law Clerk to amend section 39(2)(a) of the Government Act to allow for the Speaker to be a non-Huu-ay-aht citizen when no Huu-ay-aht citizen meeting the requirements of that section is available.  (Motion proposed by Charlie Clappis and adopted by Vote).
  • Waiving of report for Motion for Implementation of Social Services Jurisdiction:  Sheila Charles wished to make a motion to be considered by the People’s Assembly, but the Government Act requires that, for a substantive matter, a report must be prepared by Executive Council and delivered to Huu-ay-aht Citizens at least 10 working days before the matter is to be considered, but the motion was submitted after the deadline. The citizens agreed to waive the report requirement which the Government Act allows, as The People’s Assembly believes that a delay in consideration of the Motion is not in the best interests of the Huu-ay-aht. (adopted by Consensus)
  • Implementation of Social Services Jurisdiction: recommend to Executive Council to hold the HFN Administration fully accountable for not implementing the Social Services Jurisdiction; to, with legal assistance, implement the Social Services Jurisdiction; and to give high priority to funding the actions set out in this motion. (adopted by Consensus)
  • Detailed Audit on the Tides & Trails Market: The Acting Speaker again advised that the motion was submitted after the deadline and no report was prepared by Executive Council for the citizens to consider. The Motion failed as Consensus was not achieved on the waiving of the report requirement.

Tyler Nookemus and his mother Arlene share a smile

Anne Robinson and her growing extended family

Trevor Cootes and his mother Patricia Dennis

As we were running out of time (our location in Burnaby had to leave the premises by 4:30 pm), the Acting Speaker spoke with the remaining citizens who had outstanding Agenda items and asked for the following items be posted on the webpage for all citizens to consider and further, for Executive Council to consider. 

  • Minority Percentage of Non-Huu-ay-aht working for the Nation:  recommend to Executive Council to consider the development and implementation of a preferential hiring policy to be integrated into the existing Huu-ay-aht Human Resources Policy, that would:
  • encourage greater employment of Huu-ay-aht citizens by the Huu-ay-aht government, include a requirement that a certain percentage of government employees be Huu-ay-aht citizens, and include a requirement that the Huu-ay-aht government make all efforts to train and hire eligible Huu-ay-aht citizens.
  • direct that HDC adopt the Huu-ay-aht Human Resources Policy, as amended pursuant to paragraph 1, above, with such changes as are necessary to apply to HDC and all Huu-ay-aht bodies over which HDC has control.
  • Citizenship Act: recommend to Executive Council that the Citizenship Committee be directed to review the Citizenship Act in particular the following sections:
  • Section 21 (d) “Is accepted by the Huu-ay-aht as member of the Huu-ay-aht according to Huu-ay-aht custom and has a demonstrated attachment to the Huu-ay-aht community.
  • Section 25 (b) the individual is not of First Nations ancestry, and for at least 10 years before the date of his or her application enrolment, was married to, or living and cohabiting in a marriage-like relationship with a Huu-ay-aht treaty participant.
  • Further that an analysis be conducted as to the impact these two sections will have on the Nation over a five to ten year period, in terms of the increasing number of non-Huu-ay-aht becoming members.
  • Traditional Language in Vancouver: recommend that Executive Council make language study of HFN’s traditional language available to all HFN members through classes held in Vancouver or the Lower Mainland.
  • People’s Assembly: recommend that the People’s Assembly and annual Executive Meeting be held annually on two back-to-back days, rather than on one day, in Port Alberni; that the HFN cover travel costs and accommodation to Port Alberni for all members traveling to the annual People’s Assembly in order to enable all members to attend these important meetings; and that the satellite  meeting in the lower mainland be eliminated.

If you would like to have your feedback considered about these three motions, you can send it to Executive Council care of, or submit it in writing to either of our offices in Anacla or Port Alberni.

Sherri Cook and daughter Sarita

Smiling Siblings Judy Johnson, Larry Johnson (back), Cheryl Thomas and Bernice Davidson (front)

Andy Clappis, Charlie Clappis, Natalie Clappis, Zelta Clappis, Sarah Johnson, and Andrew Clappis

Administrative staff compiled People’s Assembly evaluations from both locations and your feedback will be carefully considered for the future.  Below is a summary of how you described your experience at People’s Assembly.

  • 77% were Very Satisfied or Satisfied with their Overall experience at this People’s Assembly
  • 65% were Very Satisfied or Satisfied with the Meeting Procedure
  • 46% were Very Satisfied of Satisfied that Motions and Decisions were understandable
  • 56% were Very Satisfied of Satisfied with Transportation Options
  • 52% were Very Satisfied of Satisfied  with “I felt the Citizen’s concerns and questions were met”
  • 57% were Very Satisfied of Satisfied with Communications for meeting
  • 78% were Very Satisfied of Satisfied with Saturday as the best day of the week for the meeting
  • 54% were Very Satisfied of Satisfied with the amount of material covered


Anne Robinson and grandbaby

Wayne and Marie Newfield and grandson Jagar Williams