Survey: Food Fish Distribution and Harvesting

The HFN Department of Lands and Natural Resources is seeking your input on Huu­-ay­-aht practices, preferences, and knowledge on Food Fish Distribution and harvesting.

With this season of distributions drawing to a close, it is a good time to ask you to let us know your thoughts and experiences with the process.  For those of you who have HFN Harvesting Licenses, we also want to know more about your experience with applying for the license and reporting your catch.  Your responses will be confidential and will be used to improve our services and help guide our decisions.

You can complete the survey in one of three ways:

  • Complete the survey online by clicking HERE
  • Complete a hard copy of the survey at the Peoples’ Assembly in Burnaby or Port Alberni on Saturday, November 30.  Return the survey to a staff member in either location.
  • Request a hard copy at the Anacla or Port Alberni government office, complete it, and return it to a staff member.


If you have any questions about the survey, please contact Larry Johnson, Director of Lands and Natural Resources ( or 250.723.0100)