12 Days Until Peoples’ Assembly

Bringing Our People Together, our Peoples’ Assembly, is taking place on Saturday, November 30th in Port Alberni.  Over the next two weeks we will be posting daily to help you, the citizens, understand Peoples’ Assembly and what to expect at this November’s session.

The theme for this Peoples’ Assembly is Bringing Our People Together, and our vision is to ensure an open, enjoyable experience for our Citizens, incorporating culture in an engaging atmosphere balancing business while showcasing Huu-ay-aht Pride.

Where is it taking place?
The People’s Assembly will be held in Port Alberni at the Barclay Hotel.  Citizens may also choose to attend the People’s Assembly via video conferencing at the Executive Suites Hotel and Conference Centre in Burnaby (4201 Lougheed Hwy., near Gilmore Skytrain Station).

What time?
9:00 am – 4:00 pm

May I bring my children?
Children are welcome to attend, and there will be organized activities for children at the Port Alberni location.

I don’t live in Port Alberni or the lower mainland.  Will there be transportation available?
Please contact Kristen Young at the Anacla Government Office to inquire (1-888-644-4555 or reception@huuayaht.org).  There will be buses departing from Victoria, Nanaimo, and Anacla for the Barclay Hotel in Port Alberni, but it is very important that you tell us if you require transportation so that arrangements can be made.

Why does it matter that I attend Peoples Assembly?
Every Huu-ay-aht citizen has the right to attend and speak at the Peoples’ Assembly, and there needs to be 20% of Huu-ay-aht voters present for there to be a Peoples’ Assembly.  Currently, there are 474 Huu-ay-aht citizens of voting age, so that means that 95 citizens must be present in the Port Alberni and Burnaby locations for the Peoples’ Assembly to take place.  Your presence there is important because the Peoples’ Assembly is one of the arms of government of Huu-ay-aht First Nations.  The government consists of the legislature, the executive council, a Ha’wiih council, and the Peoples’ Assembly.  The Constitution Act describes these roles.

How do I know if I am eligible to vote?
If you were born on or before November 30, 1995 (in other words, you are 18 years of age) and you are a Huu-ay-aht Citizen as defined in the Citizenship Act, you are eligible to vote.

What does the Peoples’ Assembly vote on?
There are some resolutions that have been submitted to the Law Clerk before the deadline of October 4, 2013.  We will explore those in the coming days.  However, any citizen can bring any resolution forward at the Peoples’ Assembly.

And then what happens?
The Peoples’ Assembly may make recommendations to the Executive Council by a majority vote.  They can also require the Executive Council to hold a referendum around a specific issue.  The Constitution Act requires that all recommendations passed by the Peoples’ Assembly must be considered and voted on by Executive Council.