11 Days Until Peoples’ Assembly

The theme of this Peoples’ Assembly is Bringing Our People Together, and it’s a great time to catch up with other Huu-ay-aht of all ages at the two locations in Port Alberni or Burnaby.

It is really important that we have quorum—otherwise we can’t legally hold a Peoples’ Assembly according to Huu-ay-aht law.

What does quorum mean?
A quorum is the minimum number of citizens necessary to conduct the business of the group.  For Huu-ay-aht, the Government Act defines that as 20% of eligible voters. Until last year, quorum was 25%, but your government changed the law at the last session of the legislature to reduce quorum to 20% as it proved to be almost impossible to achieve quorum.  You can read the amended law in the Miscellaneous Statutes Amendment Act 2013.

How many people need to be there then?  How many make up a quorum?

On November 30 ,2013, there will be 474 eligible Huu-ay-aht voters.  Quorum is 95 citizens.  That means that there must be a total of 95 voters present at the meetings in Port Alberni and Burnaby for the Assembly to take place.

Why should quorum or the Peoples’ Assembly matter to me?  How does it affect my daily life?
The Peoples’ Assembly is one of the branches of government.  The Constitution Act gives the Peoples’ Assembly the power to pass resolutions that the government must consider.  Any resolution passed at Peoples’ Assembly by Huu-ay-aht citizens sends a powerful message to your elected council about your wishes.  The treaty has given you a voice in self-government: it is your personal responsibility to use that voice.

Peoples’ Assembly resolutions may inform your government about your priorities and help them to make decisions about treaty benefits and government services for you and your family.  This is your opportunity to ensure that your voice is heard.

What else is going on at the Peoples’ Assembly?
There will be door prizes, activities for children, and a cultural performance by Huu-ay-aht children, as well as breakfast and lunch (unfortunately,  activities for children will only be available at the Port Alberni location).  You will also have the opportunity to renew or apply for a status card at the Port Alberni location and have your photo taken.

What was that about transportation again?
We need to determine the numbers of people who require transportation from Victoria, Nanaimo, and Anacla to the Port Alberni location.  It is really important that you contact Kristen Young (1-888-644-4555, reception@huuayaht.org) to get your name on the list of those who require transportation.  We will not be able to provide transportation if we do not know the number of citizens who require it in advance.

In the photo today:
Councillor John Jack invites you to Peoples’ Assembly on November 30.  Yesterday, Chief Councillor Jeff Cook helped us to kick off our daily series about this Peoples’ Assembly.