Drum Making Workshop in Anacla

Cultural Coordinator Cheryl Thomas and Soaring Eagle Centre Coordinator Maggie Peters hosted a two-hour drum making workshop on Wednesday, March 13th.

Bruce Nookemus puncturing the holes for the skins.

Four of the drum skins were pre-cut and pre-punctured so everyone was able to finish their drums within the two hour workshop. Eight Huu-ay-aht and their children attended.

sarah and andrew
Sarah and Andrew putting the finishing touches on Andrew’s drum.

Simple cultural activities like these are also an excellent opportunity for the children to learn about their culture. These events are an example of the kinds of cultural workshops HFN hopes to be able to continue to support. Maggie and Cheryl are planning to organize a drumstick workshop soon so they can start a drumming practice group with the new drums.

Kristen and Vanessa
From the left: Jason, Maggie, Vanessa, Kristen. Proud new drummers.