Community Rounds Spring 2013

We had approximately forty citizens interested in being a part of how their government forms and implements policies between the three rounds in Vancouver, Nanaimo and Anacla and the information session in Port Alberni. Thank you to each citizen who came out and participated in these sessions. The theme of this year’s legislation has been infrastructure and economic development (making money to make our lives better) and striking a balance between business opportunity and consultation. The agenda at these community meetings focused on the separation of the Huu-ay-aht Development Corporation from direct government oversight, the government’s Economic Development plan and an overview of the companies under HDC.

The shift from a mostly federally funded government to an independent one actively pursuing profit and taking risks in order to create new opportunities has required a lot of political will and a shift in the way we approach governance. This is only made possible by thoughtful communication between citizens and government. How can we improve this communication? How comfortable are you with the way you are being governed? Do you have any worries?

The morning of March 18th is the first sitting of this year’s legislature and March 28th will be a full day session concluding the Spring Legislation. These sessions are public and will take place in Anacla. Citizens are encouraged to give their input on the proposed legislation anytime before then. The new laws will go into force on April 1, 2013. More community rounds will give citizens a chance to talk to council and publicly voice their opinions. As well, there will be a People’s Assembly session scheduled for June. If you haven’t been active in your government this year there will be many further opportunities to be involved.