At Home:

How can I best prepare my home for a natural disaster?

The best way to be prepared is to have an emergency plan prepared before any emergencies arise. In addition to a plan it is also suggested that you acquire and maintain a emergency preparedness kit.

What should I include in my emergency preparedness plan?

For a full guide on how to build an emergency preparedness plan please visit Public Safety BC (HERE)

What should I include in my emergency preparedness kit?

Your emergency kit should be able to sustain you and any members of your household for a minimum 72 hours (preferably a week). Some important things to include for your kit are: Non-perishable emergency food, emergency water (4L per person, per day), phone charger, batteries, first aid kit and medications, personal toiletries, copy of your emergency plan, cash, garbage bags and seasonal clothing.

What is a grab-and-go bag and what should be in it?

A grab-and-go bag is intended for situations where you have to leave immediately. It is recommended that you keep a grab-and-go bag in your vehicle or work place in the event of an emergency. Grab-and-go bags should include: a first aid kit, whistle, batteries, food and water, seasonal clothing, a radio, flashlight, personal toiletries, and phone charger and battery bank. These bags are intended for extreme situations where the risk is immediate and time is important.

How often should I go through and update my emergency kit or grab-and-go bag?

It is considered best practice to update and re-asses your emergency kit every six months.

At School:

It is important to be aware of the emergency plan for the school your children attend. In the event of emergency this plan will tell you where your children will be, and how to contact them if they are at school.

At Work:

How can I be prepared for an emergency at work?

In order to be prepared for a disaster at work it is important to familiarize yourself with your workplaces emergency preparedness plan.


How can I prepare my pets for a natural disaster?

Within your emergency kit ensure that you have enough food and clean water for your pet for a minimum of 72 hours. If your animal requires medication ensure that it is included in your emergency kit as well.